Thinking of SELLING, BUYING, or EXPANDING Your Dental Practice?

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    Planning to sell your practice soon?

    What can you expect? When should you start planning? How can you make your practice more attractive to buyers?

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    Looking to buy a practice now or in the next year or two?

    How big? Where? Rural, urban, or suburban? Are you ready to own? Will you need bank financing?

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    Considering adding a satellite practice or buying in/merging with an existing practice?

    How will you find the right practice? Whom will you approach?

Professional Practice Appraisal
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“You have great energy and a solid group of professionals in your organization. As I look ahead to my next 7-10 years in dentistry, I’ve been checking out transition experts and brokers. Your presentation was real, informative and the most helpful transition planning talk I have attended.”  –Dr. Jerald Matt, Bryn Mawr, PA

dr paul goodman, transitions specialist

Advice for New Dentists

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