• Is it time to take the next step in your dental practice journey: Buy, Sell or Expand?
  • Looking to gain the skills to confidently place dental implants?

  • Want time tested practice management tips and techniques?

With a 360-degree view on the life of dentists inside and outside of their dental practice, Dr. Paul Goodman’s courses offer chairside and behind the scenes, easy to implement techniques and strategies that decrease stress and increase practice revenue.

The managing partner of a group practice, Dr. Goodman transformed a long-standing general practice into a dental operation that employs four general dentists, two specialists, and over twenty team members in two locations. He has purchased three dental practices and shares his personal experience with the transition process.

Dr. Goodman has helped over 100 general dentists place their first dental implant. He also teaches implant placement and restoration to dental residents at Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Dynamic, Information-Packed Presentations

From cutting edge implant technology to practice management skills and techniques, participants gain a roadmap for improving patient health and satisfaction, practice profits, and their own personal joy.

The Expanding Role of the General Dentist

Learn the PPRMP Method: Planning, Placement, Restoration, Maintenance and Profit. Explore a decision making protocol for predictable implant restorations. Discover a simple 15-minute “missing tooth consultation” that helps patients say “Yes!” to implant dentistry. Embrace the team approach and learn techniques for working harmoniously with your surgical specialist. Develop your customized plan to start doing more implant cases tomorrow.

Course Description (PDF)
Is it Time to SELL, BUY, or EXPAND
 Your Dental Practice?

Learn the insider secrets gleaned from Dr. Goodman’s personal experiences in this information-packed lecture that takes the mystery out of the business acquisition game. This comprehensive course covers everything you’ll need to know at the highest level, getting you ready for your own transition, whether that’s purchase, sale, retirement, or something else.

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Strategies and Tips for the Dentist that Dreads PRACTICE MANAGEMENT

Learn how to manage the financial expectations of small, medium and large cases, as well as supply management skills for lowering every day spending. Gain tips for managing both the schedule and your practice reputation. Attendees will learn communication and leadership skills for reducing team challenges, maximizing patient relationships, decreasing stress and increasing practice revenue.

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“You have a special gift of creating audience participation in a pleasant and unthreatening manner that appealed to our group. Our Study Club members seemed to take part with ease, which is usually not the case! It was a pleasure working with you from the onset. You made my task of coordinating the event ‘a breeze’. I look forward to working with you in the future.” 

—Janet Pfeiffer; ADS Study Club Coordinator

Past Presentations
(Partial List)

  • AAIC Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Implant Course Instructor, Sponsored by Hiossen (2007-2016)
  • Academy of General Dentistry National Meeting
  • Greater New York Dental Meeting (multiple)
  • Philadelphia Dental Society Meeting
  • Chester-Delaware County Dental Society
  • Implant Study Club; Richmond, IN
  • Monmouth Medical Center: Drs. Elbaum Study Club
  • Kuraray Seminar; Coatesville, PA
  • Special Care in Dentistry Meeting

“A practical, concise surgical presentation of dental implants for the self-challenging practitioner willing to unleash their natural potential to implement the ever-evolving discipline of predictable permanent tooth replacement into their practice.” —Dr. Charles S. Ireland, III

“Dr. Goodman’s course is a no-nonsense, overview of implants. His lecture focuses on specifics and his teaching style was refreshing. Dr. Goodman dismisses preconceived notions about the difficulties of implants and simplifies the surgical placement of implants specifically for the general dentist. There is no better course for an overview of implant placement and restoration than Dr. Goodman’s. Where was he when I was struggling in dental school?” —Dr. Gary Kelin

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